2016 Toyota 4Runner, Offroad Toyota Car

Remember what SUVs used to be like? 2016 Toyota 4Runner is among the few remaining utility vehicles left on the market that keep to that old body-on-frame convention—with all the truck toughness, plus just modern ride and refinement -and managing attributes thrown in.

2016 Toyota 4Runner specs

2016 Toyota 4Runner Review

If you keep almost only to the roads and highways or never have things to tow, you will be better served by one of the crossover versions of Toyota like the Highlander or RAV4. The 4Runner calls out to offroad enthusiasts — as well those who maybe want to demonstrate they’d rather spend less time crawling along on the commute.

2016 Toyota 4Runner

2016 Toyota 4Runner Exterior

The 4Runner stays true to sport-utility custom, which dictates a truck front end and station wagon body, where it will protect the paint from trees or stone and some chrome tossed in only.

The 4Runner cottage isn’t plain but it is detailed nicely, with simple and sensible controls that are chunky yet still exact. Not chrome, that’s not the style of the 4Runner. The controls for offroad functions are placed so the center stack controls are fewer. Duplicate controls on the steering wheel perform Bluetooth and audio.

2016 Toyota 4Runner side view

The high floor and rather narrow body of the 4Runner give away its truck roots, but it’s still reasonably comfortable for up to five adults. In front, amazing-looking, supporting seats are best with the accessible perforated leather upholstery. They are encouraging and wide, and they fit fairly the range of sizes and shapes.

When it comes to two-passenger third-row seat offered on SR5 and Limited models, it is difficult to get to — leave it to the little ones.

One thing you will not find of in the 4Runner (at least relative to solid-truck expectancies) is noise. The soft suspension does a good job of keeping smaller impacts (and impact sounds) from the cabin, while it’s remarkably free of wind sound considering its boxy shape.

2016 Toyota 4Runner interior

2016 Toyota 4Runner Performance

A 4.0-liter V-6 with a five-speed automatic transmission is the only powertrain accessible; it’ll move the 4Runner to 60 mph in 7.6 seconds. The V 6 makes the same 270 hp as it seems somewhat breathless as it works to move the 4Runner and still did in 2010. Newer crossovers readily overcome the 4Runner’s EPA ratings of 17 mpg city and 22 mpg highway (21 highway with 4WD). Viewed as a body-on-frame midsize SUV, the 4Runner has no contest. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited comes close, but the 4Runner is much more luxurious. The unibody Jeep Grand Cherokee is similarly able off-road and more enjoyable on-road.

2016 Toyota 4Runner release date

The 2016 Toyota 4Runner is no longer the fully roofed cousin of a pickup. In recent years, the 4Runner has gotten far more benefit- and luxury-oriented— even though it’s still aimed more toward off-road trails than coddling passengers. And it’s worth bearing in mind that if you care to take advantage of everything that’s accessible on the 4Runner, it can become one very expensive truck.

2016 Toyota 4Runner Trim

The “walk” in trim levels for the 4Runner has changed just slightly, and with the launch of the off-road-focused TRD Pro version last year, it now comprises SR5, Trail, TRD Pro Series, and Limited. Off-road purists who also occasionally have to haul the family will need the pricier Trail model, while the Limited model appeals to those who need an amount of conveniences—if not outright luxurious—on par with a Land Rover. And the new TRD Pro Series version is directed at the extreme off-road bunch; it is the only way to get all-terrain tires on a 4Runner, which are a must when doing anything but light off-roading.

2016 Toyota 4Runner front view

2016 Toyota 4Runner Price

Toyota 4Runner 4WD Trail ($36,715) gets the offroad setup, then there is the full-tilt TRD Pro ($41,850).

2016 Toyota 4Runner Video

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