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2017 Nissan GTR – Given that the New York Auto Show has kicked off, were excited to announce that we’ve laid eyes on the refreshed 2017 Nissan GT-R. Thanks to a thorough makeover, the GT-R sports a refreshing front end, a more refined rear end, and a new appearance inside as well. While all this is entertaining to talk about, most of the adjustments to the outside are for optimized aerodynamics.

2017 Nissan GTR grill

2017 Nissan GTR Review

Nissan still a GTR under, with no alterations to the engine or drive train, nevertheless if having the renowned get r badge wasn’t enough, the brand new vehicle characteristics distinct functions for a rate boost of $11,700. To the typical lover, nevertheless, it may just seem like a custom-made Nissan GT-R with an aftermarket rear spoiler and a brand-new automobile.

2017 Nissan GTR price

2017 Nissan GTR Exterior

The bodywork tweaks are as much about cooling as aerodynamics. The aim was to get more air to the radiator without needing a larger grille and raising the drag. Some of the fillies that we observed on the NISMO GT-R have created their way onto the normal car the back seats, for example, help to clean up the turbulence behind the car. The C-pillars have been virtually invisible tweaked to smooth the flow of air across them and too as being aerodynamically adjusted in its contour, the new bonnet is also stiffer, meaning it deforms less at high speed.

2017 Nissan GTR specs

Approximately back, the exact same decklid and spoiler remain, but the fascia itself h-AS been redesigned. Instead of having square-like opinions above the exhaust outlets, there are now horizontally slanted body lines that time towards the rear diffuser. That back diffuser is the same as last years version. The exhaust tips appear to be slanted outward a bit in comparison, and you’ll find new, completely functional vents on the exterior edges of the fascia. All told, the 2017 Nissan Nissan GTR h-AS a stance and design that makes it appear wider and is definitely more intense than last year’s version.

2017 Nissan GTR Interior

Looking at the get r, we see a recently designed dash. Excellent, hand-picked Nappa leather is wrapped around the dash and instrument cluster and was stitched with Takumu-style precision. Under the leather of the dashboard is a thinner material which helps reduce the vehicle’s weight. Added weight savings can be attributed to the lighter seats. As far as the center console goes, a new 8-inch capacitive touch panel monitor replaces the aged 7-inch unit. As you can see, the new 8-inch screen actually refines the interior, as there are only 11 buttons on that middle console down from 27 in last years model. There exists a Display Command control on the center console that enables for simple operation of the screen.

2017 Nissan GTR interior

Along with the new infotainment display and dashboard, new change paddles also have been installed to the back of the three-spoke steering wheel. According to Nissan, these new paddles offer an enhanced feel and sound when engaged or fixed. Nissan hasn’t disclosed specifics, but in some marketplaces, the GT-R will come with NissanConnect SM with Navigation, Mobile Apps, and Services. This will allow smartphone connectivity with the ability to lock and unLock the car, activate or deactivate the alarm, call crisis providers, or track the car in case someone manages to jack transfer it out of your drive. The interior of the Premium trim level can be optioned in three distinct shades. There is Amber Red, Ivory, and a just added Rakuda Tan which you see compared to black in the images here.

2017 Nissan GTR steering

2017 Nissan GTR Engine

Open that new-for-17 hood, and you’ll locate the recognizable 3.8-liter, double overhead camshaft, turbocharged V-6. Except it now has 565 horsepower, 20 mo-Re than before, and there’s a little improvement in torque4 lb-feet, spread over the powerband, thanks to fine-tuning the ignition timing and the turbochargers. Each engine carries a plaque with the motor builders signed name. (Mr. Ooyama, in this particular GT-R).

2017 Nissan GTR redesign

The transmission is a refined six-speed, the dual clutch unit that shifts smoother and quieter than before. Technologists fully restyled the autos underside to channel air in at the front, out at the back.

2017 Nissan GTR Price

Pricing for the 2017 GTR starts from $111,585, including the $1,595 destination. That’s a hefty $8,220 premium over the outgoing model, which sold from $103,365. But while the upgraded model is significantly more costly, it’s worth noting that the titanium exhaust program, previously a $12,900 alternatives on the Nismo version, is provided as standard gear.

2017 Nissan GTR review

2017 Nissan GTR Video

here a video about this car, check this out:

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