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2016 Honda Civic – With the European version of the latest-generation Civic having been launched in 2011, it certainly took Honda enough to bring out the Type R model. The new Civic Type R has been finally established at the Geneva Motor Show, together with the first official info about the version after countless teasers and what appeared like neverending testing sessions in numerous kinds of camo.

2016 Honda Civic front view

2016 Honda Civic Review

Not only does the 2016 Honda Civic Type R appear better in white than it did in that grainy magazine ad photo that leaked out this morning, it also has way more power than we imagined. Does your fancy strike?

Carin2017 has details on what they’re calling the fastest and most powerful front-wheel drive hot hatchback in existence. The 310 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque at only 2500 RPM !! The zero to 62 mph (100 km/hr) dashboard happens in 5.7 seconds, and the top rate is 167 miles per hour.

2016 Honda Civic side view

2016 Honda Civic Exterior

The bodywork has been changed from plain and straightforward to hot hatch that was competitive appearance. The front splitter attached to the bumper serves to reduce aerodynamic lift at high speeds, while at exactly the same time it redirects some of the atmospheres toward back diffuser and the flat underside, so making the auto “ ” that is sucked onto the road. Functional vent exits are put above the front wheels and behind them. Where the magic occurs in terms of design in regards to the rear, that’s. However, s are not thrilled by the exterior and claim that 2016 Honda Civic Type R is reminiscent of those family minivans from early ‘ 90.

2016 Honda Civic release date

Unfortunately, not all the flamboyant details sported by the Civic Type R theory were kept on the production version, with the “demon’s horns” taillights integrated into that massive rear wing missing from the model brought at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. With nearly every inch of its wide body kit appearing like it came straight off a Touring Car model despite that, the new Type R is far from looking subdued. The wide front splitter attached to the bumper helps to reduce aerodynamic lift at high rates, while also redirecting some of the atmospheres toward the underside that is almost completely flat and back diffuser thus creating a venturi effect that sucks the car onto the road.

2016 Honda Civic review

Compared with the exterior, the Civic Type R’s cottage is somewhat less opulent, however, you will never confuse it with an average Civic econobox in terms of sporty details. A gear lever is present, like in almost every previous Type R model, while the front seats are deeply sculpted to supply ample lateral support during hard cornering.

2016 Honda Civic Interior

Trimmed in red and black fabric with reddish double stitching and a suede effect, a leather accompanies the seats -engulfed sports steering wheel that is additionally adorned with red double-stitching and red leather inserts, including a 12 o’clock mark. The red accents are found in nearly every region of the cockpit, including the dashboard, the device cluster and an ” R” go-quick button.

2016 Honda Civic interior

2016 Honda Civic Performance

Having VTEC valve technology and direct injection that boosts low-end torque, 2016 Honda Civic Type R pumps out 306 hp and 295 pound-feet of torque. It has a short shifting six-speed manual which changes the electricity to the front wheels. It develops the maximum speed of 167 mph (270 km/h) and acceleration of 62 mph in 5,7s.

2016 Honda Civic specs

2016 Honda Civic Price

Pricing details are still far from being released. Its release date should be anticipated in mid-2017. Honda is yet to offer us clues as to which trims/grades the new 2017 Honda Civic Type R will come with. Upgrades, that is, if Honda even decides to make any accessible, will be offered on this space.

2016 honda civic price

2016 Honda Civic Video

here a video about this car, check this out:

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