2017 Ford Atlas Release Date Revealed

Although the new 2017 Ford Atlas release date is yet to be made clear, speculations are rife the new model is poised to be offered sometime next year, likely in the second or third quarter determined by how fast engineers at Ford work on its powertrains. For now, the accessible hint left for interpretation remains the Ford Atlas Concept that debuted three years ago.

2017 ford atlas release

2017 Ford Atlas Review

The new 2017 Ford Atlas will be lighter than the outgoing model. The weight decrease will be attributed to using aluminum and lightweight stuff. Two lines of headlights and a curved fender, a notable rectangular grille will give an aggressive appearance to the front side of 2017 Ford Atlas. Other characteristics which will lead to this type of appearance include air dams that are flexible and active grille shutters. Your love for the pick-up will increase when you run into chrome-plated doors. The only highlights in the back side are taillights that are elegant and revised exhaust outlets.

2017 ford atlas rear view

2017 Ford Atlas Exterior

The exterior of 2017 Ford Atlas will bring little changes, however, most of them will be appreciable. There is a possibility the generation version of this truck may integrate an aluminum established HVAC system which will ultimately assist in gaining considerably better efficiency revamped consequently giving it a fresh and extravagant look. Matters that would exist in front fascia: double deck front headlights, rectangular chrome accent grille that is huge, largely improved front bonnet, windscreen wiper with rain sensing unit. The grille was designed in such a way that it can resist strong wind. The whole front part will be any considerable modifications that are external. Various other tools with heating function, roofing system rails, big aluminum wheels, big bed liner, ambient lighting in freight space, electrical outlets of 110V at a trailer, LED stop light, programmable exhaust proposition. 2017 Ford Atlas will similarly bring all kind of modern safety system that is normal in nearly all the trucks.

2017 ford atlas front view

2017 Ford Atlas Interior

The cottage of the pick up will leave you stunned with its blue LED lighting. Most of the interior components will be in blue colour. Other colours include black and gray. We expect steering wheel and seats to be upholstered in leather. When it comes to cabin space, we’re looking forward to a roomier inside.

2017 ford atlas dashboard

2017 Ford Atlas Engine

Don’t expect to have many engine options in the new Ford Atlas Truck. The auto will take 8.1 seconds to accelerate from 0-60 mph. The automaker has hinted at making serious changes to the engine which will improve fuel efficiency, its performance, and pollution speed amounts.

2017 ford atlas

2017 Ford Atlas Competitor

The following trucks will limit sales of the approaching Ford vehicle: Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Titan, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram 1500, Honda Ridgeline and Toyota Tacoma Trd. 2017 Ford Atlas is anticipated to strike at the market in 2016. The auto generation must begin at some point this year. The budget will probably be from $21,000 for an essential vehicle to $51, 000 for the trim equipped with all possible devices.

2017 ford atlas side view

2017 Ford Atlas Video

here a video about this car, check this out:

2017 Ford Atlas Gallery

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