2016 BMW M6, New Car With Many Upgrade

2016 BMW M6 – In comparison with the previous version, it featured more competitive styling in the front and back, and the non-convertible versions had the weight-saving advantage of having a carbon fiber roof. For 2016, the M6 went through its mid-cycle upgrade bringing it more in line with the other M versions.

2016 BMW M6

2016 BMW M6 Review

Indoors, the 2016 BMW M6 is awash in leather, carbon fiber accents, and accessible wood trims. The center display is 10.2-inches as standard and operated via BMW’s iDrive. Dual-zone climate control, 20-way power front seats with the Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster display, dynamic cruise control, and memory settings are standard on the M6, as are an M badge on the tachometer and red needles. Driver Assistance Plus adds blind- active lane management, spot monitors, and surround-view cameras as alternatives. Night vision is a stand-alone option for $2,300 on top of the base $113,400 price tag.

2016 BMW M6 review

2016 BMW M6 Interior

The steering wheel of the 2016 BMW M6 has some managements that are intriguing. The three damper settings—Relaxation, Sport, and Sport — are called up by a toggle wheel on the left rim of the wheel. Below and above are two buttons that can be programmed for the driver’s two favorite settings. This is similar in a way to the system of Ferrari. The idea is that a motorist can view a segment of a road ahead that is broken up by frost heaves or ask and especially curvy and manually change the suspension settings immediately to take that section in the fashion of her or his choosing.

2016 BMW M6 side view

2016 BMW M6 Performance

The power is transferred through a lightening quick 7-rate dual clutch automatic, or an honest to goodness, three-pedal 6-speed standard—BMW says they will hold on to manuals until the bitter end. (The automatic is the better option here not only due to the rapid fire cog swaps, but also because of the 2016 BMW M6’s wall of push at 1,700 rpm is automatic tennis elbow for anyone forced to repeatedly run from first to fourth in regular traffic.) Power is routed through an electronically controlled multi-plate limited slip differential and transferred to the rear wheels just.

2016 BMW M6 price

Both the 2016 BMW M6 coupe and Gran Coupe are with the capacity of reaching 62 mph in 4.2 seconds while the M6 convertible takes 4.3 seconds. The top rate for all three variants is restricted to a very German 155 miles per hour. Fuel economy isn’t good despite all the power. Both the coupe and Gran Coupe get an estimated 23 mpg highway while the convertible makes do with 22.8 mpg highway.

2016 BMW M6 release date

Checking the Competition Package option box gets you 15 additional horsepower, bringing the total to 575. Torque stays the same at 501 pound-feet. The bundle also includes a sports exhaust system, the 20-inch wheels, a steering stand that is returned, and tighter suspension settings. The extra horsepower helps save the tenth second off each autos’ respective 0-to-62 mph time.

2016 BMW M6 exterior

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