2018 BMW i Series, An Electric Car Concept From BMW

2018 BMW i Series – Electric car concepts have raised in popularity nowadays as the future trend of automotive technology is currently being seen. The concept of the BMW i Series like the i3 and i8 provides extreme efficiency while offering the very best in German engineering. With the 2018 BMW i3 and 2018 BMW i8 seeking to make its mark within the electric car industry, it’ll be interesting to discover just how they are doing it.

2018 BMW i Series

The 2018 BMW i Series will undeniably be the most effective concepts of future automotive technology. As BMW looks to boost its grasp during one of the most competitive industries, increasing the current concepts will probably be something to contemplate. With all were hearing within the new BMW electric car concept, there’s not surprising why we’re already impatiently awaiting the next generation model.

2018 BMW i Series rear view

2018 BMW i3 and 2018 BMW i8 Specs and Features

The specs and features for both 2018 BMW i Series models will probably be representative of the German auto manufacturer evidence of true luxury. The i Series represents the electric car concept, so much more will probably be packed in. The i3 is going to be affordable with the average consumer whilst the high styling luxury sports 2018 i8 appeals to a higher strain of consumers.

2018 BMW i Series redesign

The 2018 BMW i3 will boast many features that other 2018 models will discover including premium leather, GPS navigation with backup camera, intuitive dash display, ergonomic seating, high-end precautionary features, and many more. It will also provide a 100% electric ride while providing you more than 150 miles with BMW’s Extender. With more charging stations than ever, charging your ride may be accomplished almost anywhere, anytime. The engine specs will be just over 170-hp providing you decent power operating things considered.

2018 BMW i Series specs

The 2018 BMW i8 will probably be the amazing, lavish, and unique sports vehicle concept that could also provide you with a plug-in hybrid concept. Powered by way of a TwinPower turbo charged electric engine that may give you around 330 miles of total range. With great acceleration of any 0-60 time around 4.2 seconds, this will likely be one of the fastest hybrid car concepts available. The 2018 i8 will feature every one of BMW’s signature features within the inside while supplying you with a touch of high class within the outside.

2018 BMW i Series side view

2018 BMW i3 and 2018 BMW i8 Price and Release Date

The launch cost of the 2018 BMW i Series will yet again make you stop and think because the i3 should come around market value as the 2018 i8 may have a hefty asking price. Below, discomfort the details within the launch price expected for both models. for 2018 BMW i3 Price Starting at $43,200. as well as 2018 BMW i3 Price Starting at $142,000

2018 BMW i Series release date
The 2018 BMW i Series release date for both the i3 and i8 should begin in Germany late 2017, after which head other markets like the UK and US early 2018. This is pretty in accordance with other 2018 BMW cars and SUV’s that will be entering industry around the same time.

2018 BMW i Series front view

We’ll still update this review effortlessly specs, features, price, and release date info for both the 2018 BMW i3 and 2018 BMW i8 when we get more.

2018 BMW i Series interior

2018 BMW i Series Video

here a video about this car, check this out:

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