2015 Audi A9, a Sedan For Your Day

2015 Audi A9 – German would be the country for you are several excellent auto manufacturers. One of which is Audi. Recently Audi would launch their new car model, that literally brings the modern design. It may be the 2015 Audi A9. Many Audi fans had waited for this brand. The Audi A9 has could be one in the Audi’s premium brand that will break from the global auto market. What can you imagine on the highest tech modern car that might bear in the world will be embedded in the Audi A9. Audi may be developing the good premium car Sedan maintain extravagant appearance, feature, and in addition performance. Here may be the review on the Premium Brand Audi A9.

2015 Audi A9 specs

2015 Audi A9 Future Cars

First thing first, lets me tell you what most possible performance that may be offered by 2015 Audi A9. There will be two engine version, gasoline, and diesel engines. However, there’s high possibility Audi would use Hybrid engine system for A9 ever since the Hybrid car recently ends up being the popular car model. If Audi wants Hybrid engine system, Audi gives high capacity electric motor at the very least 380 kW. In addition, the principle engine should produce horsepower approximately 500 hp. 500 hp could be the common volume of Premium Brand sedan car diesel engine. Thus, Audi would prepare 3.0-liter V-8 diesel engines. On the other hand, Audi would prepare gasoline engine that’s 3.0 L capacity with TFSI system V8 that could deliver 300 hp. Audi perhaps uses a rear wheel or all wheel drive for that A9. Besides its performance, Audi also concerns more to do with the exterior design. If you can start to see the concept pictures, you perhaps remember about Tron car. Yes, the outside design can be quite solid with the sharp line. The headlights along with the taillights include the sharpest aspect of its exterior design. No wonder if it car could be the Premium sedan car from Audi. As we walk into, we will see advanced features and design. Leather will be a possible thing that could wrap up the inside. The color theme is white. You would think that riding a cloud.

2015 Audi A9 price

How Much Is An Audi A9

Many Audi fans happen to be waiting for the 2015 Audi A9 since its initial announcement. Next year we will start to see the real face in the Audi A9. Concerning Audi A9’s performance, quality, and check, essentially a possible price your can purchase this luxury sedan is approximate $ 140,000. The production itself could well be imitated at the start 2015. Thus, the launching from the Audi A9 could be in late 2015. Audi perhaps offers various version of A9, containing different packages.

2015 Audi A9 side view

2015 Audi A9 Video

here a video about this car, check this out:


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